2006 - Régiss - tous droits réservés - réalisation I.S.I. - référencé sur et
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It is very unusual to see in an artist such creative cohesion devoted to a single character who is so daringly defined and personalized!
Yet Régiss, who comes from the Lower-Normandy universe of painting and sculpture, has done exactly that. The artist evokes all life’s activities, whether it be thinking, games, reading, lazing around, or reveling, through the creature he has created: a beanpole of a seaman and an eminently positive character. Alone, or with his crewmates or seagull friends, he expresses with verve, brilliance and vitality the adventurous and flavourful compositions that are crafted with a remarkable and hardy graphic confidence.
And so, through pastels, drawings, paintings and sculptures, Régiss combines a true visual uniqueness with a realistic statement that is imbued with a powerful, coarse and always charming poetic quality. His character is presented as though through a wide-angle camera lens, turning this sailor with his red-pompommed beret into a gigantic and muscular extra-terrestrial (which is normal for a sailor!) who is preoccupied with navigating and his complicated knots, while his carefully-arranged coils often serve as a cushion.
Multiplying the opportunities for his sailor to spend his time revelling in all the ports of call, Régiss sends him out to sea on ships with their bulwarks and sails that reflect an admirable sense of composition, both in terms of the shapes, and the brilliant and dynamic colours that, set against a background of uniformly blue sky and sea, render the works so enchanting.
Régiss therefore rekindles an imaginative style of art with a bite to it through his original talent that is so unusually convincing.

André RUELLAN, critique d'art